Welcome! As one who loves the western way of life, I'd like to present to you the visions that are born in my heart and live on in my sculptures. As you view my work, you might feel the wind blowing and be chilled, the weariness of a cowboy after a long day's work, the heart-pounding experience of riding a bucking bronc or simply the tenderness of a young boy and his pony.
Let your heart feel my work and let your eyes experience it. Please, come in and enjoy!



Grey Ghost of Africa is my latest project. It was completed February 2016 and is now available for order.

The kudu was my first African animal. I titled it The Grey Ghost of Africa because kudus silently disappear when they sense danger.

It's very easy to order my artwork through my site. Just click on contact and let me know what I can do for you. Thanks for stopping by!"  

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     Sculpting Visions of the West into Bronze
A Trail Less Traveled

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