Kristi Usher, Sculptor

Kristi Usher was born and raised in the small northwestern Oregon town of Clatskanie. From an early age she possessed an intense love and admiration for horses, and also began following her desire to be an artist. As a girl she used her God-given artistic ability to draw, among other things, horses. As her artwork improved from experience and observation, her keen interest in horses and ranch life grew as she worked an eighty-acre horse and cattle ranch, had a family, raised Quarter Horses and Paints, raised and sold cattle dogs, stood stallions and kept several mares producing colts each year. Her many years pleasure riding, working cattle, rodeo involvement, doctoring, showing, delivering colts, or simply grooming has given her a genuine feel for her favorite subject: the horse.

During her time ranching, Kristi continued to draw and began painting with oils, completing commissioned works when time allowed. She also began training in three dimensional artwork. It was a big step to eventually learn the complex process of producing bronze sculptures, but there came a time where she could devote herself to making that possible. After completing her first bronze in 1998, she knew this is where she belonged; it was here that she felt fulfilled and satisfied. Finally she had found a medium that would allow her to create with all the detail, texture, movement and spirit that was within her.

She chose Joseph Bronze, a foundry in Joseph, Oregon, to be her second home. Superb quality of workmanship and friendly staff made this a place where Kristi could trust her work was in good hands as she spent countless hours there ensuring that each casting met her satisfaction. When Joseph Bronze closed their doors, Kristi found the same dedication to quality at Parks Bronze in Enterprise, Oregon.

When undertaking a new sculpture, Kristi does extensive research if there is an area she's not familiar with. It's crucial the work be not only pleasing to look at, but also correct. She meticulously sculpts her bronzes with exceptional detail, realism, authenticity and her entire heart. Her hope is that when the bronzes are viewed by cowboys, ranchers or anyone who is involved with the western way of life, their hearts are moved and they feel the experience of that moment frozen in time. Her faith in God, her passion for art and for the west has given her a vision to spend the rest of her life sharing this with the world.

Kristi Usher