Kristi Usher, Sculptor

Most bronzes are available with a rotating base. All coloration is a result of the application of chemicals; no paint is used except for an occasional marking on a horse's face.

Custom patinas are available as well as traditional, although certain ones might affect the price. A wide variety of patinas are possible nowadays but since chemicals are being used, exact matches to certain colors are not always possible. If you desire, email a photo of your horse and Kristi will come as close as possible to matching it. If you choose a bronze but like the patina of another, Kristi will do the bronze in that patina.

A down payment of half the price is required and is non-refundable. The balance is due upon completion, usually in ten to twelve weeks. In some cases the artist will accept monthly payments until the down payment is reached; this will assure you that the bronze is being held for you in case the edition becomes sold out and is no longer available.

Please contact the artist at or use the contact button on this page.